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August 11th, 2030

01:39 pm
Friends only, comment to be added.

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January 28th, 2009

05:55 pm

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October 27th, 2008

10:43 am
It seems I only post here when crazy things happen to me.

Of coffee, booze, and 911.Collapse )
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February 14th, 2007

11:05 am - dear livejournal: v-day layout hurts my eyes. ow.
So, it's Valentine's Day. It's odd, you know... When I'm single on Valentine's, I tend to be bitter and resentful and call it the Hallmark Holiday. When I'm with someone, I'm totally apathetic towards it. :P It's just odd that people celebrate an originally Catholic holiday (the only saint's day that really gets noted anymore) about marriage by buying expensive presents and doing nice things for people. Oh well. My mom sent me a giant stuffed pink heart in the mail. Sweet, but I threw up a little in my mouth.

My Valentine's started off with me calling the boy. To gloat. Because last night, he said it wasn't going to snow, that the weather reports were lying, and that he would call me in the morning to gloat about the lack of snow. And then it snowed a bunch. So I called him to gloat. :P We're such romantics.

Talking about the boy. And me being damaged goods :PCollapse )

I finished the coursepack readings for religions last night. I still need to read in the textbook. And I need to work on my poli sci essay. Once I get the outline done, though, it shouldn't take me too long. Two hours, probably, once the outline is finished. We'll see how it goes.
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December 13th, 2006

06:46 pm - this is why facebook being open to the public irritates me.
And call me nitpicky, but procrastination requires attention to detail.Collapse )
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October 23rd, 2005

08:06 pm
Just 'cause I can...

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So, yes. EORYP is done. My first cabinet position. It went pretty well, our bill got lots of debate and such... Dance was awesome, I think I made a total fool of myself, but I think people, if they didn't enjoy the dancing/flailing, enjoyed laughing at me, so yay! Also, there were a couple of highlights. I must learn all the moves to the Time Warp by March, including the moves not actually in the dance... as in, the actual steps to Columbia's tap dance. :P

So, yeah, I'm exhausted. And apparently, I was scheduled to work today. Um, I booked it off. I got my Friday and Saturday off, so eff you all.
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August 26th, 2005

10:42 am - New icon!
Just to show off the new icon I got.

From here.


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June 26th, 2005

11:30 am
Okay people. Just in case anyone desperately needs me today or most of tomorrow, I'm warning you, I'll be gone. Yeah, going to Toronto for a wedding. Anyways.

I should be back tomorrow around 5. And if you really really REALLY need to get in touch with me, I have my cell. But it's expensive. And I can't see what could be THAT important.
Current Mood: ...trippin'. :)

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June 1st, 2005

06:26 pm
Okay everyone.

Due to a creep named Max, who apparently reads this, this journal will now be going friends-only.

If you need to be added to my friends list, leave a comment.
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May 31st, 2005

08:28 pm
Shoebox. *sigh* I love updates. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy and worried because I'm in love with a fictional character. Not even just fictional. FANfictional. <3 Sirius.

So, my internet has been down since last Thursday. I'm not going into everything that's happened since then. The only thing I'm going to talk about right now... SENIOR BOYS RUGBY OFF TO OFSAA! YAY! I feel like I had such a big part in that. :P But I can't go because I'm not a boy. :( It sucks a lot, but oh well. I'll still go see them Sunday when they leave.

Tomorrow, my wisdom teeth are coming out. That's right, boys, no more freeloading in my mouth! :P I'm a little nervous... although I think I'm more worried about the IV pain than the pain of the surgery right now. :P I mean, I get painkillers to deal with that! But the IV is a needle without painkillers. It gives me painkillers. Hee. I'm so energetic right now, it's retarded.

So, yeah. Who wants to come visit me? :P
Current Mood: bouncybouncy

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